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The Unseen Consequence of Diaspora

The Unseen Consequence of Diaspora - 2020


The Unseen Consequence of Diaspora is a short film, based on the issues of diaspora. A narrative will happen through a traditional ritual that happens in Chinese culture, where filial piety and praying to your ancestors are considered respectful yet in this film we see the consequence of diaspora, with language barriers between grandparents and grandchildren. Within China there is over 200 spoken languages (dialects) which are passed through generation and as time goes on, Mandarin is the most common spoken Chinese followed by Cantonese, other dialects within China are slowly going extinct.


This short film installation will be shown to the public as they are part of the film, whereby the audience will sit on knee pads with incense burning but hidden from view to create the same rituals as the film enacts.

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