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​Ma Dao Cheng Gong - 马到成功

Ma Dao Cheng Gong (马到成功)

Ma Dao Cheng Gong - (马到成功)2020

Calligraphy, Oil and Acrylic Paint on Canvas with Gold Leaves.

Ma Dao Cheng Gong was a commission to incorporate traditional Chinese Styled paintings into a contemporary painting with Calligraphy. The process of Calligraphy was filmed to show how traditional arts used to create ink from an ink-stone, to this day many traditional form of arts are considered a ritual and a skill that is now being lost as time progresses and modernised. 

To many whom still create Calligraphy its a form of ritual and thereby needing to be respectful of the work itself as art. Respecting the materials that was used in each process to create the final outcome. 

Ma Dao Cheng Gong is a very famous idioms, the literal translation of this is May the Horse take you to success. The meaning of this idiom is that Horse are known to be courageous animals that were used for war, they were at the frontline yet once wild they roamed freely with spirit and speed. This is a way to portray the meaning of chasing ones own success and dreams .

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